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Data Analytics Services

Keeping businesses well informed with Data Transformation and Insights

An agile environment is all that an organization aiming towards success needs today. Gone are the days when major decisions and changes were implemented on what someone feels or thinks. These days, decisions are based on established and proven statistics, and the most efficient ways of getting there is through data analytics services. Data Analytics Services is examining the data sets and then come to a conclusion based on the information contained there. These techniques are widely used in commercial industries to help them make informed business decisions.

Some of Our Capabilities

Conversation Analytics

This technology is used to transcribe speech and convert it into data. The data converted is then organized in a way that it can be available anytime for insights. There is a step by step process here; first the speech is converted into data, and then there are indexing layers that make it searchable. Once the data is structured, the users can define their requirement and search for relevant insights. Many industries around the globe use this to keep all their data structured without investing a lot of time, efforts, and manpower.

Financial Analytics

We focus on our clients to get all relevant details to help them make appropriate business decisions. This is not possible with just the basic financial information, so this is where Financial Analytics come into the picture. This is a creation of an ad hoc analysis that helps answer specific questions in a business and also forecast business scenarios in the future. We use specialized software that helps speed the report creation presents customized data reports to users. It helps display a graphical representation that is much better to comprehend compared to written reports.

Sales Analytics

It is crucial to be on top of your game in business, especially if you are into sales. The Sales analytics process helps identify and get an in-depth understanding of sales trends, predict the results, and also identify the points to improve on. The success from previous sales is determined with the help of this process and then future sales plans are made accordingly.

Lead Analytics

It takes a lot to generate a lead and then convert it into a successful sale or business. However, this process can become slow if proper planning is not implemented. We provide lead analytics services to clients so that they can keep a tab on their lead generation, conversion and so on. If the decision makers in an organization see from the results that there are problem areas, improvements can be implemented. The lead analytics help present the data in a way that will help the companies get a clear picture with the help of appropriate business intelligence solutions.

Talent Analytics

Talent analytics is also known as HR analytics. This especially helps the HR department to organize the talent pool well with the help of appropriate data visualization tools. It helps the companies make better decisions on all aspects of HR strategy. The end goal is to improve business; and appropriate business processing mapping proves highly beneficial.

Self Service

This is an approach to advanced analytics that helps organizations manipulate data and spot business opportunities. For doing this there is no need for them to understand the Technological aspect of the system. Organizations that want to move ahead in their business goals use this service to reach it in an informed way.

Some of Our Analytics Offerings

Data Visualization
Data Warehouse
Data and BI strategy
Predictive Analysis
Design Consulting
Training and Adoption

Data warehousing and business intelligence is highly crucial for any organization to become successful. We make sure that our data analytics services provide our clients with the possibility to reach their business goals swiftly.

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