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Case Study: Atlanta Grout & Tile


Atlanta Grout & Tile is a Tile, Stone & Grout restoration company located in Woodstock, Georgia. They are in this business for more than 13 years with vast expertise and have been doing quality work for their clients through their certified professionals. They also have been instrumental in creating groundbreaking products – pFOkUS® – one of the best in tile cleaning and maintenance area.

The Challenge

Atlanta Grout & Tile traditional business model kept growing over the years at a steady pace, but they were falling behind the web revolution and its opportunity of new consumer base. So, they set out to find how technology can reinvent their business model and grow at a fast pace. They started using independent softwares from different vendors for each of their department information and workforce management.

Using these independent softwares meant they had to do a lot of manual work on excel and export/import data between different systems. This resulted in increased overhead costs and slower response to clients. They also had to prepare lots of reports by hand and had no access to customer trends for taking effective business decisions.


Plan & Architecture

To Integrate all business processes into one system



We started consulting for them to understand their business processes and to design a new comprehensive integrated system from ground-up that would improve their workforce efficiency and bring them to closer to their customers.

We have designed the architecture of this application & executed in close collaboration with our client through multiple meetings and brainstorming sessions. These sessions helped us  understand and map the complete business process of the client, areas to improve and define clear goals of the project. As part of the project initiation, we started designing information architecture of the solution and data security principles. We understood the need for creating several support applications designed for a specific need that gets integrated into a central system.


Re-engineering CRM Application


The first step in this process was to upgrade existing CRM’s old design to a new responsive & intuitive web application with different front facing modules for Work schedule manager, Sales & Customers. We have also integrated Google Maps into the app for geocoding addresses for intelligent scheduling.

Payment Gateway Integration - CRM


The next important problem to solve was to streamline customer payments and documenting information for Accounting. We designed and developed wireframes focusing on ease of use and user interactivity. Once the designs were refined to meet the goals, we integrated payment gateway into the CRM for accepting customer payments through which the information flows into Accounting module for tax purposes. We have also integrated TaxCloud ( into the app for automatic sales tax returns filing.

Redesign CRM to SaaS architecture

One of the most important reasons for automating Atlanta Grout & Tile business processes was to enable franchising through which best practices can be shared between franchises to provide seamless brand experience for customers. We redesigned CRM to multi-tenant architecture, so that multiple franchises can use the same application, but different databases.

Design & Develop New E-Commerce Portal

Having a user friendly & design rich website showcasing services and products to your customers is the most important factor in attracting the right customers. Our design experts worked very closely with the customer support team at Atlanta Grout & Tile to come up with great website designs that complemented its product quality.

Branding & Digital Marketing Campaigns

Having consistent appeal across all customer facing points is the most important fact in branding and we have come up with a detailed Branding Guidelines for the whole platform along with the corporate color palette that should be used for designing franchise stores & marketing material. We have divided Services & products into D’Sapone and pFOkUS for positioning them for different customer types with no user confusion.

Once the new website & E-commerce platforms were ready, It was time to market Atlanta Grout & Tile services and products. We have driven prospective clients to D’Sapone & pFOkUS websites through innovative online marketing techniques and content strategies.

Migrating to AWS Cloud

Cloud computing brings in several advantages over in-house hosting – reduced cost of infrastructure procurement & maintenance, much better data security, less downtime being few of those. We have migrated the entire IT infrastructure of Atlanta Grout & Tile to Amazon Web Services with zero business downtime.

Result: A platform of integrated applications

What started as a simple CRM application development to make the data flow smoothly in the organization grew to include multiple business process automations and a suite of micro application running on cloud integrated to the backend system to provide a seamless customer experience and improved satisfaction. Our consulting was a crucial part in the exponential business growth and improved workforce efficiency at Atlanta Grout & Tile.

Road Map Ahead

  • Mobile App for Field Agents
  • Inventory Management
  • Leads Management
  • Email Campaigns for Existing/New Customers
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