The ever growing demand for online web stores has created a need for e-commerce website design and development services. If you are looking forward to developing a personalized web store for your brand then you must pay attention to certain factors. You must consider things like the store development cost and what all features are being offered by the e-commerce web development firm. Further, we will brief you on the various benefits of adopting Shopify solutions for your e-commerce startup.

Shopify Comprises of Effective Marketing Tools

It is essential for a startup to spend extensively for marketing purposes as that would help them in spreading their vision and brand awareness quickly. With the methodical inbuilt marketing tools of Shopify, you have the ability to exercise productive marketing tools. This will help you in saving upon the extra money that you would spend for marketing purposes. Read on to unveil why Shopify is a preferred platform for e-commerce web development.


Visually Engaging

Shopify provides you with an array of themes and templates. The already apt, good looking and super functional themes and templates can further be personalized through meticulous website development service providers. It has been observed that websites with a shabby or messy layout tend to have a number of abandoned carts. Whereas, websites with methodical and simple layouts have a better conversion rate.

Data Security

While you are all focused on attracting new customers, increasing website engagement and improving user experience, there might be hackers who are eyeing on your data security. Hackers find new websites easy to hack as they are not fully secure. But when you power your web store with Shopify then you can relax about security compliance. It offers hacker protection and regularly provides security grades.


Extremely Affordable

If you are running a startup than the cost factor will certainly be your top concern. Shopify helps you in keeping your costs low and rewards you with successful return on investment. It provides you with a reliable, foresighted and swift functioning e-commerce store.

Multifarious-Payment-Gateway- Options

Multifarious Payment Gateway Options

With the support of over 70 payment gateways, Shopify has an upper edge as compared to Magento. Shopify payments are the easiest method to accept online payments and the platform smartly eliminates the trouble of introducing third party payment providers. Although Magento e-commerce service providers take help of third party add-ons for boosting the payment gateway options, Shopify excels in this department.

Prudent SEO Features

Shopify is bestowed with robust search engine optimization features which will help you in drawing detailed analytics for your web store. How do you understand which section of your web store is the least engaging? Or Which part of your e-commerce store is gaining the maximum clicks and involvement? An SEO analyst will certainly help you out with these detailing. But Shopify’s inbuilt and detailed analytic report helps you in tracing all the above queries easily without the need of extra Search Engine Optimization services.

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