When it comes to e-commerce apps, elements like customer satisfaction, brand awareness, sales process efficiency and customer convenience have to be the key targets to run a successful app. With the growing fad of online shopping and enormous companies turning to online stores, one must combine the positive features of traditional shops and conducive online shopping benefits to keep the consumers happy. This can be achieved with the help of a best mobile app development firm. But what features can you include in the app so that you stay ahead of your competitors? Read below and get your A game on!

Mobile Digital Assistants

Better known as MDA, it helps in performing tasks on behalf of an individual. This can be done through specific user inputs and access to GPS location. The reason why digital assistants are becoming more and more popular regularly is that of the growth rate of newer technologies. The advent of technology is such that digital assistants are also capable of capturing details like traffic conditions, schedules, weather etc. By integrating MDA’s into e-commerce mobile apps through android and iphone mobile app developers, you can schedule calendar events, manage e-mail, files and much more. MDAs can help in reducing the browsing, shopping and payment times significantly.

Voice Search on-the-go

While developing a customer friendly store application through a mobile app development company, the chief point of focus should be customer convenience. How conducive it will be for people to shop through voice search while driving, walking and on-the-go! It is also simpler to talk than type, especially when you are in the middle of a task, too busy or tired. This feature allows customers to record their review instead of sitting and typing out the experience. With the voice search feature, you can prompt customers to share their experience about the product and services they opted for.


Virtual Reality E – Commerce

This is one the most essential features that offer high customer engagement. It gives an opportunity for consumers to view products and services in an extremely detailed manner. Virtual reality e-commerce also facilitates the ease of product demonstrations, easier browsing, swift payment and quick check out. It is one of most revolutionary ways in which customers shop on their mobile phones. With the advent of augmented reality, the number of product returns from unsatisfied customers to e-commerce stores can be minimized to a great extent. By combining the benefits of the online shops with that of the physical stores, customers have an opportunity to see and feel products just like they would do in the shop.

Mobile Wallet

The use of mobile wallet is expected to shoot up significantly especially among the youth and majority of android users. As per a new survey, it has been recorded that digital wallets were mentioned in 75% of tracked conversations that social media users had about new ways to pay. Now that you know that mobile wallets are high in demand, don’t forget to include it in your e-commerce apps.

Chat While You Shop

In the coming future, most iPhone and Android app development services are expected to include chat function in e-commerce apps. This feature will be a norm in all e-commerce apps, in the time to come. Have you thought about how this feature will be helpful? Just like most clothing stores have employees assigned to help customers make the right choice, this feature in the apps will let customers discuss with friends and family about their choice. Therefore, this will help wipe out the confusion for customers before making the purchase.


E- commerce mobile apps are seeing an enormous upsurge due to the growing techy savvy-ness of the generation. Contact SynLogics for the best e-commerce mobile app development services TODAY!!



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