It is difficult to think of any large industry that RPA solutions are not revolutionizing at the moment. Yes, the education sector as well is ready to witness a revolution with this new-age technology. The major focus of RPA may be elimination of inefficiencies and the effort of human resources that gets wasted while executing mundane tasks. However, it is, in the process, leading to the creation of a virtual workforce that not only supports the human work force, but also creates multiple possibilities for educational organizations.

RPA solutions, when we look close enough, are helping teachers, administrative staff, students as well as parents directly or indirectly. Let’s see how.

How RPA Solutions are Revolutionizing the Education Sector

Sorting out Registration

Be it at school level or above, the registration process is one that has traditionally involved a mountain of paperwork including application processing, sorting, arranging, longlisting, shortlisting, final reviewing to name only a few processes within the process of registration.

Reduction in Processing Time

With robotic process automation tools, this long process of registration can be simplified with simple logics and subsequent actions. Activities like checking the forms for complete information, eligibility criteria, sorting and arranging into complete and ineligible applications, making longlists and shortlist becomes a matter of a few clicks.

While hiring the services of robotic process automation vendors seems like a costly investment to those institutions that are new to it, the truth is that RPA saves huge on time as well as the additional money spent on keeping a big staff. Apart from that, the results are more accurate. Thus, PRA comes with a high return on investment.

Automating Attendance and Making Sense of it All

The fact of the matter is that schools and colleges still rely on pen and paper approach for marking attendance. While it may seem like a very tiny effort in daily classroom, the compilation of this attendance and generating reports from it on larger level for a school that has scores of courses and hundreds and even thousands of students, is a gargantuan task.

Maintaining records of absence, categorizing it as approved/unapproved, informing the parents in case it’s unapproved, is always an additional task for teachers who’d rather focus on teaching.

RFID/biometric attendance can be one way to sort out this problem and speed up the process of marking attendance and generating absence alerts & attendance reports.

Attaching an online database and attendance management system can take all the worries off the teachers’ as well as the administrative staff’s shoulders, leaving them with more time to concentrate on tasks that need more human intelligence. RPA companies help you create such a setup where attendance can be as automated as you want.

Improved Administration

The administrative department is usually the one charged with most tasks, and if we take the case of Indian educational institutes, is the one that takes most time for paperwork.

When we talk of robotic process automation in india, I think it can be nothing but a boon for the administrative staff. Maintenance of records, compilation of attendance reports, communicating with students’ parents, issuing memos and circulars, scheduling meetings, facilitating result and fees & fines related documents to students, managing employees/collaboration/vendors records are only a few of the tasks, the onus of which lies on the administrative staff’s shoulders.

The good news is that if you are looking for robotic process automation in India, a great vendor can help you accomplish all these tasks through this technology.

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Venkateshwarlu Kakkireni

Venkat is highly passionate about solving Business challenges using Technology. He has been instrumental in bootstrapping the company and is currently responsible for leading strategies and innovations to help customers enhance operations and improve efficiency. Among several key projects he was involved over the years, developing an award winning IoT solution which monitors Food Safety, both while in transit and in storage for Emerson Electric has been very close to his heart. Currently over 500+ businesses across the globe are using this solution to track real-time location, temperature and safety of perishable and high value shipments.