As per a popular survey, it has been estimated that by the end of the year 2018, the total number of smartphones will soar up to a third of the human population. Such is the power related to the engagement of smartphones that they have revolutionized the face of digitization by posing a great risk for their digital counterparts like computers and smart TVs. While most organizations saw this boom coming and have already planned their mobile app marketing strategies with the help of best mobile app development services in the USA.

On the other hand, some business owners believe that mobile-apps are only meant for large businesses. This is because they have a perception that businesses are good to go with a general industry specific website. Little do they realize that mobile apps not only help in boosting profit but also improve customer-brand engagement. Irrespective of the size of the firm, a mobile app is a necessity and it can prove to be a major game changer for the brand. Choosing the right partner for iPhone App development and Android App development is paramount to success.

Multiplies your customer base

The majority of the online shoppers are preferring to shop on-the-go through their smartphones. As per many surveys, it has been estimated that mobile subscriptions will soar high up to 9.3 billion by the year 2019 and 5.6 billion of those will certainly be smartphones. With such high drift towards the mobiles, if your firm fails to have a mobile app or a responsive website design for the engagement of mobile medium, then be rest assured that the dooms day for your brand is soon arriving. Responsive mobile apps are an alarming need of the hour to expand your customer base.


Engages and Converts your Customers

The goal of having a mobile app is to engage the customer and then convert him into a paying client. Through mobile apps, one can easily interact with customers in real time with the help of pivotal information regarding location, demographics and other personal data with the user profile. Best iPhone app development services help you in achieving better results and optimize your mobile marketing considerably.


Boosts product promotion and services

A mobile app helps in making a brand more visible. Apart from that, mobile apps are also an opportunity to feature your products and services with much detail to boost customer engagement. It is believed that customers discern brands that offer mobile apps more positively than brands who do not offer it. You can also send out coupons with the help of user location to increase the probabilities of customers walking into the store.

In-build Customer Loyalty

Looking for a sure shot way to boost customer loyalty? The mobile app is the way. While most of the other brands are busy making a huge noise with the heavy roadside banners, flashy billboards, expensive newspaper ads, Facebook ads and e-mail marketing – your brand needs to pull up its socks if they do not want to get smothered by the competition. Connecting with the audience in a more personalized method is the key to success. This key will be provided to you with the help of mobile app development services which will make you stay just a ‘fingertip’ away from your customers.

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