Influencer marketing is a different type of marketing which not only help the customers in building the brand of the products by focusing on the critical areas of the market. Unlike direct marketing, influencing marketing techniques allow the individuals to spread the word and get support in building the brand value for the products.

Brands need a new, dependable way to reach their audiences. Influencer marketing allows businesses to engage with their audiences in an authentic, less direct, and non-invasive way. In 2018, it will be unusual for any brand to launch a campaign which does not include at least one influencer.

The top influencing trends of the year 2018 are the most effective to use and are discussed below:

Legal terms & activities

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has made the influencer activities clear and very transparent for the year 2018. Earlier, most of the brands and the famous products would not disclose the details of influencers who were promoting the brand in social media. But FTC has made it clear that the brand building activities and the product promotions should not be concealed and the participation of influencers and celebrities who make use of various social media channels should be disclosed such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and many more. Your brand can be at risk in the year 2018, if you do not review the paid posts for your brand-product and if the posts do not reveal the details of compensation offered to the influencer.

Authentic content

The best strategy to have productive influencer marketing is authenticity. Creating factual content will not be expensive, and the cost remains reasonable. Instead of creating TV ad which is costly, you can create a compelling video and upload it to YouTube. If an influencer has the autonomy and liberty to create original and authentic content endorsing a brand, it will be more convincing for their followers.


The long-term relationship between brand and influencer

Once a product is established with a well-planned marketing approach using influencing techniques, it will be efficient and will have a long-term influence on the people regularly watching the content and using the products. It is crucial for a brand to have a long-lasting relationship with both micro and mega-influencers. Long-term relationships with influencers who have worked with the brand for a while will improve influencer relationships.


Changing influencing trends

The influencer marketing trends help in building the brand for the products by projecting it in different shades and light. The patterns should adapt according to the market needs and get more attention from the audience which naturally increases the sale of the products. Now for the year 2018, influencer marketing services have become effective due to the introduction of various advanced options and legal terms.

Avoid spammy words

In the year 2018, use of spammy words such as #ad should be avoided. According to FTC specification, the spammy words create a negative impact on the people. Instead, one can use the name of the brand itself in the posts.

Genuine performance metrics

The marketing of the product made with the help of influencers, always help the people in trusting the brand and actual performance metrics in a short span. Followers of the posts can easily find the fake conversion tactics regarding increasing likes and followers. With the help of likes, shares, and comments you can engage the followers, and they can get influenced faster. It leads to expanding the social network and getting better prospects.


More emphasis on original videos and images

Use of familiar and overused stock images make any marketing campaign look stale. There is a need for originality and freshness if brands and influencers want to stand out from mundane and ordinary bloggers and internet marketers. It is the reason why the best influencer campaigns use original photos, and especially videos. Videos are incredibly effective at driving sales.



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