In the mobile first world, mobile apps are the order of the day. If you, as a business, are looking forward to developing one for your own business, the idea is well, great, as long as your target audience needs an app. The success of any app, however, is largely dependent on the skill of the developers who craft it. This is why it is imperative to hire the right mobile application development company.

But how do you know that the one you have hired is the right one? Well, there are certain things you need to pay attention to before you hire one.

Things to Remember when Hiring a Mobile Application Development Company

You should do your homework well before you finalize a partner. Here are some questions you must find answers to.

Do they have the right expertise?

The first step is to know if they have experience in building the kind of app that you want. Ask them if they have developed a similar app before. If they have, download and take a first-hand experience. If they have developed dissimilar apps, see if they understand your concept and them to walk you through the map of how they plan to create it. Also, depending on your requirement’ ask if they have iOS and Android application development services.

Do they have the right expertise

Do they understand your market target audience

Do they understand your market/target audience?

With the market model becoming more customer-centric than ever, it is important for your development partner (including project managers, designers and developers) to have a sound understanding of the market in general, and your market/target audience in specific. They must be able to map and understand customer journeys to be able to make your app usable and sellable.

Do they pay attention to design and UX?

Design as well as user experience (UX) are of essence when it comes to setting your mobile app apart from the crowd. Good design ensures good user interface and user experience. These help in catering to the audience with what they need and making them use it conveniently. Ensure that the mobile app development services that you avail include the UX process.

Do they pay attention to design and UX

What’s their development process?

So, you may not understand everything your developer says in case it’s your first rodeo, but you will understand enough. And that should be fine. Ask them about the process they follow. Ensure that it does have the following in order:

1. Identification of what problem the app offers to solve
2. Which platforms (iOS and Android) and devices (smartphones, tablets, iPad) you want to be on
3. Study and emphasize UI and UX
4. Choosing between native and hybrid apps (with pros and cons)
5. Transforming an idea into a prototype
6. Set up analytics and metrics to measure performance
7. Choose testing types and conduct real user testing
8. Analyze analytics for use behavior
9. Documentation of the entire process to ensure everything is followed in letter and spirit. To avoid delay and errors.
10. Do they fix bugs found after the release?

What is their technology stack?

What platforms do they make apps for? Both Android and iOS? Are they one among reputed Android and iOS app companies? Do they make both native and cross-platform apps? What are the frameworks they use and why?

Do they have references for past projects?

This is important. Companies can make claims but it’s important to check those claims against the references of the past work that hey provide you with. Ask them for case studies to know how well they know their projects. Also, check if their customers have left them reviews and ratings online, and also those of the apps that they have developed.

Do they keep your data secure

Do they keep your data secure?

Malware attacks are not a new thing. When even government institutions can get adversely affected, you, as your level need to ensure data security, especially when the app will involve data from your customers. Ask your partner how they ensure data integrity according to GDPR.

A crisp tip:

If you have a unique idea, please sign a non-disclosure agreement with the mobile application development company that you hire.



Venkateshwarlu Kakkireni

Venkat is highly passionate about solving Business challenges using Technology. He has been instrumental in bootstrapping the company and is currently responsible for leading strategies and innovations to help customers enhance operations and improve efficiency. Among several key projects he was involved over the years, developing an award winning IoT solution which monitors Food Safety, both while in transit and in storage for Emerson Electric has been very close to his heart. Currently over 500+ businesses across the globe are using this solution to track real-time location, temperature and safety of perishable and high value shipments.