RPA or robotic process automation companies has been revolutionizing businesses since the dawn of the twenty-first century! These RPA solutions are in fact a blend of artificial intelligence, automation and screen scrapping and this blend differentiates robotic process automation from the ordinary automation. Implementing RPA to your business basically helps you to handle recurring, bulk volume tasks, and in addition, it adapts to the changing situations and new circumstances or events. Robotic process automation in financial services has been gaining tremendous importance in businesses. But, implementing RPA to your business isn’t as simple as it seems. Let us check out a few constraints you might encounter while implementing the same.

RPA design and development

While developing RPA, you need to narrow down your choice to top RPA vendors like Synlogics who would design custom-made solutions for your business. This is the main challenge cause, there are a lot of vendors to provide robotic process automation in India, but it is quite difficult to choose an efficient, professional and productive team!


You might end up choosing a provider, but is it economical to automate by making huge investments? Even though these robotic process automation companies would help you boost the efficiency by eighty percent or more, you need to invest in training your staffs to use these systems, you have to do system and process redesign and have to bear the maintenance costs, in short, you have to spend a lot of time and money. Finding a cost-effective solution is a significant matter of concern. And sometimes these system integrations would overrun cost and time, the more RPA tools you use the more you must invest!

Identification of the right processes that require to be automated

It is not a viable option seek robotic process automation companies to entirely automate all the processes. You must choose the right processes that are basically recurring in nature with respect to their return on investment. It is a very difficult task to identify the right tasks to be automated and the main issue industries face nowadays is dealing with unstructured data. Employing the right smart tools or cognitive automation along with process mining would help you overcome the challenges posed by unstructured data.


Now next challenge is the question of ownership! Who basically owns these RPA tools? Is it the IT department of the firm or the business team head? Business teams may not always have all the technical knowledge and capabilities to handle these tools and the role of the IT department is limited especially in supporting the requirements for infrastructure. But, appointing good business analysts with in-depth knowledge of RPA systems and has great business knowledge is the best solutions to such situations.

Employee resistance and induction

Of course, you need to have the right tools to carry off that specialty. But, using data services that will help your business spend the right amount of budget for marketing and sales. This is how data services help in tableau business intelligence.



Venkateshwarlu Kakkireni

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