The business intelligence companies are experiencing hype because, in the competitive market scenario, businesses are on a constant look out for ways to enhance their operational efficiency. Business Intelligence (BI) is that weapon that many companies in the modern age are putting their faith into and even leveraging it to extract insights that will ultimately help them strengthens their performance levels.

What Is BI And What Are Its Potential Benefits?

Business Intelligence is a tableau business intelligence tool, which is an essential software that helps organizations analyze all relevant data to understand both their strong and weak points. Whether it is customer purchase habits or inventory management, the use of BI software comes with direct advantages leading to a competitive advantage. The benefits include:

  • Market trend identification
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Spotting business-related issues that need immediate attention
  • Driving new revenues
  • Bettering the decision-making process
  • Optimizing business processes (internal)


Why Use Business Intelligence Services?

The business intelligence services provide the required tool using which you no longer need to wait for the complex reports run by the IT department. With the presence of business intelligence and analytics tools, you can have the ease of analyzing the data yourself. Plus, you can base business decisions on hard numbers in place of gut feelings, since you’ll have access to information.

Broad Categorization Of Improved Efficiency Through BI

Deploying Workforce Efficiency:

Business activities and processes can be automated by the use of ERP systems. Post that alerts, management and dashboards can be used by an exception in order to monitor the indicators in real time for business activities. This helps a lot as the workforce of the company can focus efficiently on putting their efforts to address the probable anomalies that arise.


Improving IT Efficiency:

The BI solutions come with a couple of services that work in benefit of improving IT efficiency. Firstly, IT can save on both hardware acquisition and installation. Companies having large ERP systems need to compulsorily rely on the IT to run complex operations to view a consolidated data. On the other hand, the integrated data within the interface and the ERP are taken advantage of by the business intelligence solutions to provide a consolidated data.

Enhancing The Efficiency Of Decision-Making:

Locating the relevant data, while making decisions has become a challenge for managers and employees today. They are often trapped in diverse range of systems. Thus, the accuracy of data gets hampered frequently. The other means cost businesses more time that might result in outdated reports. But, strategic implementation of BI can get you the accurate analysis and reports within a few hours, thus, giving a better understanding of the operation and improving business decisions. This analytical tool also helps better across team collaborations contributing to faster decision making.

Better Business Processes:

Every company wants to improve their business process. BI portals show KPI’s which allows business to keep a track of their performance levels against real-time and relevant metrics. Thus, companies can directly benefit by partnering with business intelligence companies.



Venkateshwarlu Kakkireni

Venkat is highly passionate about solving Business challenges using Technology. He has been instrumental in bootstrapping the company and is currently responsible for leading strategies and innovations to help customers enhance operations and improve efficiency. Among several key projects he was involved over the years, developing an award winning IoT solution which monitors Food Safety, both while in transit and in storage for Emerson Electric has been very close to his heart. Currently over 500+ businesses across the globe are using this solution to track real-time location, temperature and safety of perishable and high value shipments.