Investing in an online business is not enough. You need to have access to the right cost effective marketing strategies too. Going a long way in helping you build up your credibility and online reputation, good marketing ideas are important for extending your visibility, luring the target audience and placing your business far ahead of all the competition in the field. However, inexperience and repeated irrational marketing activities can chip away your credibility, without you even realizing it. Read on for some incorrect and recurrent business tasks that render your cost effective marketing campaigns ineffective.

Taking your Clients for Granted

Surprising as it may sound to the ear, many online businessmen tend to take their customers for granted. Instead of realizing the importance of each and every one of them, they rarely invest time in listening to the complaints and/ or requests of their loyal customers and get locked into the “it’s crucial to get the sale” trap. As per experts in the field of social media marketing, along with making the right connections, building up trust levels and putting the needs of clients before self, you need to be genuine in your transactions and align your business goals with those of your customers.


Not Taking up Responsibility

Most businessmen fail to step up front and take up their responsibility in the event of failed sales transaction as well as other business matters. This is one of the most important criteria for your cost effective marketing plans to fail and leads to a slide in your online reputation and credibility. In the event of a failure or lack of performance from your end, it is natural for you to try and convince your customers that the fault was not yours, but then, the act shows a complete absence of commitment and responsibility. If at all something goes wrong, simply apologize and empathize with the client and move on –it is worth the cause.


Being Pushy, Arrogant and Aggressive

Gone are the days when you could be pushy with your customers and implement your cost effective marketing strategies aggressively. The commercial world no longer belongs to forceful salesmen. In reality, people like working along with those who are ready to listen to them and offer the right solutions.

Being Inconsistent

It is important to be regular and consistent in all your cost effective marketing moves. For instance, if you are planning to send out a weekly mailer to your mailing list through online services, then ensure that you do it every seven days. There are websites that boast of launching new products on a daily basis, but fail to provide the same to interested buyers on their portal. This is because they are inconsistent in their business activities and do not believe in delivering what they promise.

Website Appearance

One of the worst ways of losing your credibility is by killing the positive impact of your online presence by investing in a website that is disorganized, difficult to navigate / use and inappropriately hosted. We at Cloud Web Solutions, are perfectly equipped to handle these and other credibility issues and are geared to take your business to the next levels of success—the right way! Best web design & development team will help you to customize your website layout.

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