AngularJS is a JavaScript framework designed to simplify your front-end development as much as possible. There are several frameworks and plugins in the market making it difficult at times to go through them and identify the most useful ones.  Below are some reasons why you should select AngularJS in your development stack.

AngularJS was developed by Google

Obvious as this may seem, it is critical to note that several frameworks are developed by hobbyists in the open source community such as Cappucino and Knockout. Angular is developed and maintained by extremely talented and motivated Google engineers. Aside from having a massive open community to learn from, you also possess competent, readily-available engineers whose job is to assist you on any Angular queries you may have. Being a Google product, you can be sure that you are working with efficient and reliable code that is flexible to the requirements of your project.

AngularJS is comprehensive

Angular is a complete solution for fast front-end development. It does not require additional plugins or frameworks to create a data-driven web application. Some of its amazing features include:


RESTful operations have great flexibility and are rapidly turning into the standard for communication between the server and client.

RESTful operations

Data binding and dependency injection

Data binding and dependency injection

The content in the Model View View-Model (MVVM) pattern is automatically communicated through the user interface once an alteration occurs. Due to this, there is no need for wrappers, getters/setters or class declarations.  The framework manages it all, allowing you to convey your data in basic forms such as JavaScript primitives like arrays or as complex forms via custom types.

Extended HTML

Several current websites consist of numerous serious of <div> tags possessing minimal semantic clarity. You require to come up with extensive CSS classes to illustrate the purpose of each entity in DOM.  The framework enables you to operate HTML like XML, providing you with countless options for tags and attributes. This is possible through Angular’s HTML compiler and making use of directives to cause habits resulting from the newly-developed syntax you write.

Extended HTML

HTML Template Design

Makes HTML your Template

The bracket syntax of Angular’s templating engine is fast to understand because it is simply HTML. The framework spans the DOM for these templates that store the directives stated above. The templates are then moved to the framework’s compiler as DOM entities that may be extended, executed or reused. It is very important because you now possess DOM elements, instead of strings, enabling you to directly manipulate and extend the DOM tree.

Enterprise-level Testing

As mentioned earlier, Angular does not need extra frameworks or plugins as well as testing. The Angular’s unit testing API walks you through running your tests in as close to the real state of production application as possible.These are the key concepts that assist AngularJS to come up with an efficient, performance-oriented, and maintainable front-end codebase. All you require is a location to store your data. The most difficult part from the client can be done by Angular while providing a rich, rapid experience for the user.

Enterprise-level Testing

The table below shows how AngularJs compares with some other JavaScript frameworks.

Angularjs vs Javascript Frameworks

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