Innovation in Artificial Intelligence is something we’ve seen evolve and only get better over the decades. And while so many of us may still be stuck at thinking that AI is a core part of only IT, the truth is that AI pervades much deeper and much wider than that. And…2021 seems to be ready to take a few trends to another level. Here are 5 of those trends that you may anticipate this year.

Boost to AIOps

Artificial Intelligence for IT operations is not a new phenomenon. But the interesting thing is that AIOps are only becoming better by the day. Recently, Forrester suggested that artificial intelligence service vendors are now helping in infrastructure, implementation as well as networking

So, now AIOps are able to help in IT departments of businesses in improving key procedures, processes, tasks, as well decision-making by way of analyzing the great influx of data that would have been otherwise useless. It may, in fact, prove a boon for cross-departmental operational coordination.

The AI-Cloud Symbiosis

AI in 2021 may be able to play an important role in making cloud solutions more acceptable in general. The fact that artificial intelligence, especially when machine learning is involved, has to do with copious volumes of data, cloud will become inevitable down the line. The cloud and AI are going to be more symbiotic as an increasing number of businesses monitor and manage mounds of data that AI makes use of.

Advanced Voice & Language Models

The pandemic and the remote working models have furthered the adoption of Natural Language Processing as well as Automated Speech Recognition. This kind of advancement has happened particularly in customer care. With the lack of in-person training that the situation has caused, the adoption of AI solutions for businesses will increase in order to facilitate checks on agent quality, customer interaction analysis, and compliance.

Synthetic Content Generation

GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), a deep-learning-based generative model is also a part of the artificial intelligence innovation. This one can boast of creating synthetic art and images. Initially, GANs have traditionally involved large training sets and thus complex training.

The innovation, nevertheless, has dramatically reduced the size of the data required to create a GAN. This makes it rather handy for use in multiple industries, especially medical applications to create synthetic images

AI Ethics Become More Important

Remember a time when there were no IT ethics? AI, despite not being that new, may not have developed an exact ethic around it when it comes to its development, use, implementation within organizations. With increased adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning solutions we’re led to the hope these technologies are leveraged to solve global problems and help stimulate more innovation growth

As AI ethics becomes more important to businesses, transparency and safety of data are just two of the numerous issues that need ethical treatment with large scale adoption of AI. AI in 2021 may not be a revolution altogether but it does hold the promise of getting better than it was. If you’d like sound assistance on how to tap the new trends in AI for your business benefit, please get in touch with us.




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