Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been here for a while now. But since the 2000s it seems to have been taking over a diversified set of business processes. The last few years, in particular, have seen significant growth, driven predominantly in accounting, finance, manufacturing, and healthcare industries.

RPA is best used for high-volume, repetitive processes that improve operational efficiencies, scale your business, reduce human error, and in the long term, increase the ROI. Although various industries already use RPA consulting services in India , there are a few myths about RPA that still cripple those who may be sitting on the fence.

Let’s take a look at 4 most common myths about RPA.

Let’s take a look at 4 most common myths about RPA.

RPA will Replace Human Workforce

One of the most common myths about RPA is that humans would eventually be out of jobs. But in reality, RPA helps minimize the need for a repetitive human effort by automating difficult tasks.

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  • In business environments, RPA services in India have saved the time of professionals by automating mundane tasks such as processing payrolls and matching invoices, allowing them to focus on tasks that need human discretion.
  • In industrial environments, although the latest technology has automated some essential areas of product development, yet more humans are required to handle higher-level operations.

RPA Is Expensive

This myth makes it difficult for so many companies to go for hiring an RPA implementation partner. They assume that such advanced technology comes with a hefty price tag. The reality is quite the opposite. The price for some basic RPA solutions is so affordable as any other basic office software. The price rises only according to the required features and the scale that a business needs.

So, you can always start small and move upwards. While worrying about the initial cost of setting up RPA software, what most companies usually miss out, is the high return on investment associated with it.

RPA significantly increases efficiency, reduces overall costs, dramatically reduces errors, and provides an excellent customer experience, all within very short timeframes.

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RPA Is All about Cost Reduction

While the overall cost reduction is clearly a benefit of choosing a seasoned RPA consulting company , it’s not the only reason why many businesses implement RPA. Some of the best reasons for a business to choose RPA are:

  • It allows your staff to focus on more important parts of the project than just mundane robotic processes.
  • It speeds up the overall time it usually requires to complete the process.
  • It helps you drive more predictability in operations.

Robots Are Perfect

Robotic process automation helps you greatly reduce the odds of errors, sometimes to even 0%, thus ensuring accurate results. But remember that robots are only as good as the information provided to them.

An RPA software is specially programmed to execute the formulae provided to the form of code. If there is a mistake in the logic of its code, it will continue to produce that similar error frequently.

The key to determine the best return of investment from your RPA lies in its uniform adoption across your organization. It is one of the prime reasons why many companies prefer to partner with an RPA consulting company in India to ensure the smooth company-wide transition to RPA, thus securing successful adoption.

Final Thoughts

RPA has been one of the most talked about business technologies in the past decade. Though it has lots of misconceptions around it, an increasing number of businesses are choosing it because of its accuracy, scalability, and faster deployment.




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